Electrochemical metal processing includes such tecnologicals operations as anodizing and polishing.   

Color decorative anodizing articles made of titanium, aluminum, niobium, tantalum, and magnesium oxide produces colored films up to 1000 microns thick. Color anodization is used for decorative articles and individual components for labeling products. Decorative anodizing increases the corrosion resistance of the product and provides high lightfastness painted surface with preservation of the original surface gloss. Decorative products allows anodizing to obtain oxide films are differently colored (yellow-brown, dark blue, blue, various shades of yellow, including pink, magenta, and various shades of green color).

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Electrochemical polishing of titanium, aluminum and stainless steel products allows to obtain the desired surface roughness class on products with complex geometry, and in those cases where mechanical polishing is difficult or impossible.   Also, our company provides comprehensive service staged polishing products (mechanical, chemical and electrochemical), according to GOST 2789-73 high roughness class.