Filters from mechanical impurities roads during transportation environments for which titanium alloys are resistant to corrosion. Cleaning of hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems of machine tools, presses, compressors and machinery. Manufacturing design filters and filter elements for individual orders.


● Low cost; 

● The ability to regenerate; 

● High technological properties; 

● The possibility of manufacturing geometry and filtering capacity of the order; 

● surpasses analogues of the non-ferrous metal corrosion resistance;

● Low consumption of materials production; 

● Getting filters with special properties (with silver nanoparticles).



● Filters for water (from impurities and chemical compounds: salts of heavy metals, nitrides, iron, aluminum, carbon tetrachloride, petroleum and chlorine.);● Filters used in winemaking; 

● Oil filters; 

● Fuel filters; 

● Biological filters; 

● Aerators; 

● Sprays; 

● Filters for aggressive media;

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