Our company provides  heat treatment services in vacuum furnaces with molybdenum screens and tungsten heaters (for non-ferrous metals), and in furnaces with carbon composite screens and heaters, which is a great advantage in the processing of products of various grades of steel, ceramic and metal products.     

Our equipment allows us to carry out operations such as sintering of various powder materials, various types annealing (homogenization, re-cry, etc.); Preliminary and finishing thermal processing; various types of soldering. 

Описание изображения

Heat treatment is performed in a vacuum chamber and shaft furnaces (resistance-type) with a working volume of 100x100x300 to 1000x1000x250(800) mm., and maximum load to 500kg.    

The maximum heating temperature is 1700 ± 5 C. used a two-stage vacuum system allows for vacuum performance in the range from 0,133 MPa to 0.00133 MPa, or work in a controlled environment (Ar, He, N).